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Capsules Erogan

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  1. Fill out the order form on the official website, fill out the form on the website on the phone number and name;
  2. The director of the firm will call You at a time of ten minutes for the confirmation of the order by phone;

For the presentation of the order and answer all Your questions and your requests for delivery and to request through the order form and wait for you to call the handler

The payment of the package after receipt.

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In the control block please make a request on our official website to order a medication for the treatment of the power Erogan in Portugal on the promotional price 39€. Our manager will contact You to confirm your command by command. When You get polulu you can pay your order either by e-mail after the reception of preparation at the customer's address in Braga.

Where to get Erogan, Braga, Portugal

If you want to get capsules Erogan at a promotional price in Braga, enter Your personal information into the order form to make an order of a medicine for the power, then wait for the call of consultant and agree on the details in a ten minute period to consult on the drug Eragon and formalize shipped. Take the order, you can through the mail delivery (receive an e-mail to the house (payment after reception of your parcel), or take in the subsection delivery of parcel to the post office (payment in the mail upon receipt). The delivery of the drug in Braga to Your specific address, the shipping cost of e-mail may change as a function of the distance to the city, in Portugal, prcisez the price of manager after the presentation of the order on the official website.

The drug is sold in cardboard boxes, which contain 1 or 2 cups (10 and 20 capsules, respectively).

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